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Researchers create the arena’s smallest Christmas listing

DTU researchers have cut the world's smallest Christmas record
The arena’s smallest Christmas listing. Credit score: DTU Physics.

Measuring handiest 40 micrometers in diameter, researchers at DTU Physics have made the smallest listing ever lower. That includes the primary 25 seconds of the Christmas vintage “Rocking Across the Christmas Tree,” the one is lower the usage of a brand new nano-sculpting system—the Nanofrazor—not too long ago obtained from Heidelberg Tools.

The Nanofrazor can engrave 3-d patterns into surfaces with nanoscale solution, permitting the researchers to create new nanostructures that can pave the best way for novel applied sciences in fields equivalent to quantum units, magnetic sensors and electron optics.

“I’ve completed lithography for 30 years, and even supposing we’ve got had this system for some time, it nonetheless seems like science fiction. Now we have completed many experiments, like making a duplicate of the Mona Lisa in a 12 via 16-micrometer house with a pixel dimension of ten nanometers. Now we have additionally revealed a picture of DTU’s founder—Hans Christian Ørsted—in an 8 via 12-micrometer dimension with a pixel dimension of two,540,000 DPI. To get an concept of the dimensions we’re operating at, shall we write our signatures on a crimson blood cellular with this factor,” says Professor Peter Bøggild from DTU Physics.

“Essentially the most radical factor is that we will be able to create free-form 3-d landscapes at that loopy solution—this gray-scale nanolithography is a real game-changer for our analysis.”

Nanoscale Christmas listing, in stereo

The Nanofrazor isn’t like a printer including subject matter to a medium; as an alternative, it really works like a CNC (laptop numerical keep watch over) system taking away subject matter at exact places, leaving the specified form at the back of. In terms of the miniature footage of Mona Lisa and H.C. Ørsted, the general symbol is outlined via the line-by-line removing of polymer till an ideal gray-scale symbol emerges. To Peter Bøggild, an beginner musician and vinyl listing fanatic, the speculation of reducing a nanoscale listing was once evident.

“We determined that we would as neatly try to print a listing. Now we have taken a snippet of ‘Rocking Round The Christmas Tree’ and feature lower it identical to you may lower an ordinary listing—even supposing, since we are operating at the nanoscale, this one is not playable for your reasonable turntable. The Nanofrazor was once put to paintings as a record-cutting lathe—changing an audio sign right into a spiraled groove at the floor of the medium. On this case, the medium is a unique polymer than vinyl.

“We even encoded the track in stereo—the lateral wriggles is the left channel, while the intensity modulation incorporates the suitable channel. It can be too impractical and dear to develop into successful listing. To learn the groove, you wish to have a quite expensive atomic drive microscope or the Nanofrazor, however it’s indisputably potential.”

DTU researchers have cut the world's smallest Christmas record
The arena’s Christmas listing collage. Credit score: DTU Physics.

Prime-speed, low cost nanostructures

The NOVO Basis grant BIOMAG, which made the Nanofrazor dream conceivable, isn’t about reducing Christmas information or printing pictures of well-known folks. Peter Bøggild and his colleagues, Tim Sales space and Nolan Lassaline, produce other plans. They be expecting that the Nanofrazor will let them sculpt 3-d nanostructures in extraordinarily exact element and accomplish that at top pace and coffee value—one thing this is inconceivable with current equipment.

“We paintings with 2D fabrics, and when those ultrathin fabrics are moderately laid down at the 3-d landscapes, they practice the contours of the outside. Briefly, they curve, and that could be a robust and completely new means of ‘programming’ fabrics to do issues that nobody would consider had been conceivable simply fifteen years in the past. For example, when curved in simply the suitable means, graphene behaves as though there’s a massive magnetic box when there’s, if truth be told, none. And we will be able to curve it simply the suitable means with the Nanofrazor,” says Peter Bøggild.

Affiliate professor Tim Sales space provides, “The truth that we will be able to now as it should be form the surfaces with nanoscale precision at just about the velocity of creativeness is a sport changer for us. We have now many concepts for what to do subsequent and consider that this system will considerably accelerate the prototyping of recent constructions. Our primary function is to broaden novel magnetic sensors for detecting currents within the dwelling mind throughout the BIOMAG mission. Nonetheless, we additionally look ahead to growing exactly sculpted possible landscapes with which we will be able to higher keep watch over electron waves. There may be a lot paintings to do.”

Postdoc Nolan Lassaline (who lower the Christmas listing) plans to create “quantum cleaning soap bubbles” in graphene. He’ll use the Nanofrazor to discover new techniques of structuring nanomaterials and broaden novel techniques of manipulating electrons in atomically skinny fabrics.

“Quantum cleaning soap bubbles are easy digital potentials the place we upload artificially adapted problems. Through doing so, we will be able to manipulate how electrons go with the flow in graphene. We are hoping to know how electrons transfer in engineered disordered potentials and discover if this is able to develop into a brand new platform for complicated neural networks and quantum data processing,” says Lassaline.

The Nanofrazor gadget is now a part of the DTU Physics NANOMADE’s distinctive fabrication facility for air-sensitive 2D fabrics and units and a part of E-MAT, a better ecosystem for air-sensitive nanomaterials processing and fabrication led via Prof. Nini Pryds, DTU Power.

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